Sunday Supper Series 

The Sunday Supper Series aims to mobilize young Black and Brown voters around the upcoming 2020 Presidential Election. These events highlight innovative civic leadership and activism, while providing young leaders with a platform to connect with their community and provide their peers with critical information on Voter Education and the 2020 Census. Through the pursuit of “education, empowerment, and energy”, participants engage in discussion on difficult topics, including policing and voter suppression, and then engage in activities geared to empower and energize young activists, nationwide, to take an active role in the upcoming 2020 election by phone-banking, volunteering, voting, and other avenues to engage politically in their local and national communities. We are proud to partner with the incredibly bright leaders of Quarantine Con on this important series.
Tyra Beamon,+ Blake Osborne, LI
and Tre’Von Hill + Scooter Taylor of QuaranteenCon

Links to the Sunday Calls will be delivered weekly.

8/9/2020 – Reimagining the 2020 Vote/ Voting amidst a crisis/Voting During the Pandemic

8/23/2020 – Educate First, Act Second: Why Civics Class Matters!

Previous Happenings

Real Talk College Edition

Overview: Real Talk serves as a chat room for College students to talk about pressing issues relevant today . The topics will change weekly. The chat room is facilitated by a college student.

Grade: College Students

Change Agent Student Leader: Michael McGirt

Zoom Schedule: Not Available

Real Talk for Youth

Overview:Real Talk is an opportunity for youth to express their feelings in an online forum and discuss events happening in our country from January to the present. “Tik Tok, Tik Tok Gen Z, what y’all got?”

With all that has happened in the first 6 months of 2020, I am sure you all are ready to ADDRESS IT. I mean, if you don’t you may blow up like a RENEGADE. Well let’s make sure we SHAKE THE ROOM the right way by lifting our voices from far OUT WEST all the way to the east coast. We have all been BORED IN THE HOUSE, but now it’s time for us to FLIP THE SWITCH and show the world SOMETHING NEW. 2020 is not cancelled we will have round table discussions (via zoom) every Friday that will raise the voices of you our rising change agents.

At the end, get ready to show us your best TIK TOK performance of that weeks’ topic. So get ready, and JUST DO IT.

Grade: Rising 7th – 8th

Change Agent Student Leader:  Jordan Barry

Zoom Schedule: Not Available

Civic Engagement Youth Edition

Overview: Learn what it takes to make a difference in the life of your community. You will explore the knowledge, skills, values, and motivation for change. These activities will enrich your life so that you are able to be socially beneficial to your community. Civic Engagement is important so that you understand your rights and responsibilities as a citizen and develop the skill sets that are valuable to you as you undergo the transition to adulthood.

Grade: Rising 5th-8th

Change Agent Student Leader:  Sierra Morrison

Activities: Daily activities for this group will be sent to you each week. You’ll have something to do every day.

Zoom Schedule: Not Available

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